To date, vests have been an excellent alternative to the tabard, especially when you need to work outside the winter season or in heated rooms.
From 250 roubles per vest.

Elastic straps are almost unnoticeable to the wearer. There is no additional cloth and so no overheating when at work or doing sports.
184 roubles for one belt.

We supply armbands in packs of 2 to give a better guarantee that a pedestrian is noted from afar.
90 roubles per pack. A separate option would be armbands in the shape of the wings of the god Hermes.
Bracelets make excellent promotion materials. You can put logos, mottos, electioneering slogans and whatever else your heart desires on them.
We provided bracelets of different widths, lengths and colours. The price is up to 11 roubles large wholesale.

Check the stock availability of your preferred sizes and colours

FOR SCHOOLYour child will not go unnoticed
FOR WHOLESALERSWe supply in any quantity!
FOR KINDERGARTENSChildren will love this present!
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