Reflective fabric stickers are our exclusive product, for which we have received a patent.
Children and adults are delighted with it!
It does not require an iron, special equipment, or any special conditions.

You can just take it and stick it on any place on any clothes and on any surface.
A bicycle, a balance bike, a skateboard, a jacket, boots, a raincoat, an umbrella, a moped, a car, a gyro scooter-this is an incomplete list of where you can stick reflective fabric stickers.
They stay on the surface for YEARS. At the same time, they can be removed AT ANY TIME.

They withstand washing, frost, heat, rain and ice.

From 9 roubles per sticker
From 66 roubles per set

FOR WHOLESALERSWe deliver in any quantity!
FOR CYCLISTSFor a practical and comfortable ride!
FOR KINDERGARTENSChildren will love this gift!
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